Most Popular Online Professional Certification Programs

Most Popular Online Professional Certification Programs

If you want to grow yourself professionally, you will have to go through earning certifications that will help in the related field you want to enter. You will have to make an ambitious choice that will make you knowledgeable in the field of technology and industry trends available in the market. If you remain relevant and become aware of whatever happening in online professional certification, you will be able to give yourself the best chance to make your career go ahead quickly.

As far as the certification programs are concerned, you can go and choose anyone online professional certification from the list of the programs given below. And if you want to choose one of the courses, you can contact the platform of ecadema. ecadema is a thoughtfully designed leading live online learning destination that consolidates all the features that are required for live learning.

Leadership and management certificate

There are multiple specialties in this particular certification program that can cover depending upon the specific area, you can become a competitive candidate for various jobs with good salary increases. You will also be able to get promotions in the company. This particular course is for those who can confidently motivate, strategize and solve the issues in a particular company.

If you want to pursue this course, you can go through Cornell University which helps you pursue a certificate in executive leadership and strategic management program. This particular course has been developed and assessed by great faculty in the university and you’ll be able to learn the skills related to leading collaborative teams, leading with credibility, strategic decision making, and other things.

As far as the cost to pursue this particular program is concerned, It can be $4800 or $650.

The same course is available in other colleges like Notre Dame online which is Mendoza College of Business and here you can pursue this course at the cost of 2400 U.S. dollars.

Michigan State University also has this course with a cost of $4995.

Risk management

The role of a risk manager in a company is invaluable and a certified risk manager can help the company grow highly. There is a requirement of a high level of skill in the field of management and a risk manager is ready to face situations related to financial uncertainties, employee injuries as well as loss exposures. There are various institutes and universities which offer this course for candidates to pursue.

New York Institute of Finance gives this course of Risk Management Professional Certificate in which students can learn case studies, analytical skills. As far as the cost to pursue this course is concerned, it is between $3500 and $4300.

Boston University is also a place where students can go through online to pursue risk management graduate certification courses. The cost to pursue this course at Boston University through online mode will be $860 per credit hour.

Project management professional certification

Once you can get a project management professional certification, it will tell the level of education and skill that you will be able to acquire. You will be able to gain the knowledge of 7500 hours of leadership and you will be capable of resolving all the complications which can be anticipated in a particular company.

There is a Southern New Hampshire University that offers an online graduate certificate in project management and you can learn quantitative analysis for decision making, supply chain management as well as Sigma quality management. The cost to pursue this course here will be under $10,000.

There is a Rutgers University which helps you gain a certificate program in project management and it is 100% online through this, you will be flexible to learn the skills related to project management. At Rutgers University, you’ll be able to pursue this course with $2200.

Pursuing any online professional certification will boost your professional skills. Certified professionals collaborated with ecadema to channel their knowledge and expertise through live sessions to individual corporations.

International business management certificate

If you want to increase your knowledge in an ever-increasingly global market, you’ll be able to learn it only by pursuing an international business management certificate and you can understand many things related to finance, import and export of companies, multicultural business setting, etc.

There are lots of universities which offer international business management certificates and you can choose any one of them according to your budget and preferences. There is a Georgetown University that offers this course and this particular course gives you skills related to international business management. The course can be completed between six months and two years and the cost to pursue the course will be $6570.

California Southern University is also one of the universities where you can pursue this course with a cost of $375 per credit hour.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft has different types of certifications and according to the categories of the courses, you can choose according to your preference. The five categories of the courses are Microsoft applications, Microsoft trainer and educator, Microsoft Desktop, Microsoft developer, Microsoft Server. Depending upon the preference you want to go through, you will be able to increase the market value if you want to work in a particular company. The company will be able to give you a preference because you have pursued a professional course and the course which is related to Microsoft which is in huge demand at present. Microsoft gives on-demand courses and it knows the preferences of the companies. You will have varied skills depending upon the preference you have made before joining a course. As far as the cost of the course is concerned, it also varies because the categories of the courses of Microsoft differ.


If you want to advance your career, you will have to pursue any certificate program which will help you show your skills in a particular company for a top post. Skill enhancement is one of the ways through which you can get a great job which will have a great prospect of salary increment with good percentage. If you are looking for online professional certification, You can go through the platform of ecadema. ecadema understands the opportunity that there is room for change in delivering lectures, and online learning providers are missing something and making their entrance into the industry with a lot more to offer, taking advantage of the limited scope of asynchronous learning.

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