10 reasons why you should consider coworking space for your business

10 reasons why you should consider coworking space for your business

Are you looking for working space for your company? Well, you’ll have to hunt for an office, then lease it, furnish the space, and get all the amenities such as internet, telephone, and whatnot for your staff. It is going to be very expensive. Or you can just move in with your staff to a coworking space.

All startups struggle with finances, it is tough to build office space for your employees initially. With the inception of the concept of “coworking space”, things have gone far easier than it ever was.

Let’s see the ten reasons why you need a coworking space:

  1. Intimate connection

Technology is amazing, you can’t deny how easy and affordable it is to work remotely. Since you are just starting up and if you are involved in a tech startup, then remote working can be really easy and good for you, right? However, with so many advantages, there is one huge disadvantage as well. You just don’t know your employees.

Getting the work done is a different thing and knowing your employees on a personal level is another. We know setting up an office is expensive and thus you should go for a coworking space, you’ll get to know your employees, and can help them through the work as well. You’ll know their working habits, and you can motivate them to work personally. This way, you are no more just a few people who work for a company but a family that is growing together.

  1. Meet like-minded individuals

All the coworking spaces are filled with people who are motivated and on a journey to create something big. You’ll mostly find entrepreneurs and freelancers. Entrepreneurship can be very lonely, you’ll have to figure out things on your own and work twice as hard as your employees.

However, working in the presence of like-minded people accelerates growth and productivity because the coworking spaces promote healthy competition. You’ll want to spend a few more hours on your idea when you observe others are working harder than you. This isn’t toxic but a healthy attitude, this is how you can push your limits.

  1. Coffee and other Amenities

Imagine setting up an office and also taking care of the comfort level of your employees, and at such a stage where you barely have money to begin with. Feeling the frustration, yet? Remember, not just coffee but other amenities as well. You know how important caffeine is for your hard-working employees, you don’t want to compromise the work quality, do you?

But who got the time to take care of the bills of these amenities, when you can just move in and start working while all you have to worry about is paying the monthly rent of the coworking space.

  1. Save yourself some money

It’s okay to be a bit stingy at the beginning of the business, not just okay but it is best as you’ll be in constant need of funds. Thus, cut some expenses such as an office and go for a coworking space. Even the coworking space can be really cheap if you put in the right amount of time into the research. Also, after the success of your business, you’ll have a great story to tell about how you started and where you’ve reached.

  1. Flexibility

These days people have started putting a lot of focus on work flexibility, as everyone is trying to get out of the rat race and do something they enjoy, you can give something like this to yourself and your employees. You can come to your workplace whenever you feel the motivation and have the right amount of energy to work. Also, you can bring as many employees as many you want, it gives you the flexibility to expand your business.

  1. Productivity

The best advantage of these coworking spaces is that they boost the productivity of their tenants, you’d find yourself covered with posters such as, ” complete what you’ve started”, “you got this” and many more. The whole environment is filled with a positive energy as every other person is hustling their way out. You’d want to spend a few more hours at this energetic place, right?

  1. Work-life balance

People find themselves working all the time when they work remotely or WFH. It is not easy to differentiate your work-life and family from each other, as you’d be receiving calls all the time or want to check that last mail, there is no quitting time.

Things are different at coworking spaces, you can spend as many hours here as many you want, but when you are out, you are really out. Your whole work stays in the office and as you won’t be visiting your work desk again, thus you can just relax and spend some time with your family.

  1. Location

Location matters, a lot more than you could ever think it can. As everyone is so hyped up about the startups, people jump out of their bed to go on this crazy journey of building a company, however, as this initial motivation fades, you’d start procrastinating. If the location is not close to your home and the other employees’s houses, then people would find themselves stuck in traffic plus the excuses to work will kick in. Thus choose a place which is close to everyone’s house, so that no excuse or traffic could ever keep you and your staff away from the work.

  1. Networking is the key

As they say, “your network is your net worth”, this is true on many levels. Meeting new people is always helpful as you exchange different thoughts with each other plus some of them become your life-long connections. The coworking spaces host numerous events and invite some of the notable personalities who are successful in their respective domain.

In such events, you’ll meet a lot of people who’ll give you golden pieces of advice and in these events, you can promote your business as well.

  1. Collaborative environment

In traditional offices, you won’t find people who’ll help each other to think outside the box and solve each other’s problems. And that is why, people have initiated working from these coworking spaces as you get to make a lot of connections, plus the collaborative environment is something you miss while WFH.

Moreover, regular workplace mishaps can’t be avoided. Thus, having some people who know you by your name, can help you in your journey and alleviate your work pressure. How often would you find a techie guy helping you with your tech issues in his free time? Not so often, right? Joining a coworking space would help you meet some smart, generous people and those who want to see you succeed in life.


By far, you must have seen the tons of advantages of a coworking space, it’s extremely beneficial and you shouldn’t go for personal office space until you reach a financial stage where you need more than just a coworking space.

Remember, setting up even a small office would take you a lot of days and a lot of funds, but you can begin work from a managed space in less than a day.

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