Top 5 K-Dramas for Beginners

Top 5 K-Dramas for Beginners

Whether you are a K-Drama fan or not, you have to admit that they have taken the entertainment industry by storm! Due to its immense popularity and fan-following, Netflix and many other sites have a separate section for it now. It’s only a matter of time before you see them on TV channels as well. Currently, you can only find them online on multiple streaming sites, but don’t lose hope yet. We’ll be seeing them on TV pretty soon too.

So, what is the point of today’s article? Well, despite the popularity of K-dramas around the world, some people haven’t yet gotten into all of that. And while some of them don’t intend to, others want to but don’t know where to start. I mean, you could start with the latest one, but there are so many K-dramas that it is easy to get lost or overwhelmed by it all.

This article is here to help you to get into the world of K-dramas with some of the best classic ones!

Just like there are some movies like ‘Titanic’ and shows like ‘Friends’, that absolutely cannot be missed out on, and almost everyone has watched, there are K-dramas that hold that spot in the K-industry too. Let’s see which ones these are.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This drama is like a coming-of-age movie or show where all the characters are trying to achieve their dreams while dealing with their emotions and problems. Like any other college girl, Kim Bok-Joo, the female lead of the drama, has a dream that she is working hard for, except that her dream is to be a weightlifter. Enter Jung Joon-Hyung, the male lead of the drama, who is also an athlete and he wants to be a professional swimmer.

The story follows the two of them and their innocent love story. Not only that, but we also get to see their relationship with friends, family, and more. It is a wholesome drama with comical and cute moments you wouldn’t want to miss!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

What do you do if you are gifted with super strength and love to play games? You choose to become a bodyguard for the CEO of a gaming company, of course! This is the story of Do Bong-Soon, the female lead of this drama.

The CEO in question, Ahn Min-Hyuk, is the male lead and this drama follows their rocky relationship that eventually turns into a cute relationship. Of course, there are many complications they need to overcome and one of them is a dangerous kidnapper, who has abducted Bong-Soon’s best friend.

The drama is packed with hilarious and wholesome moments, some of which may be a tad bit cringe too. However, what is a K-drama without any cringe, right?

Descendants of The Sun

Even if you haven’t watched this drama, you must have heard of it given how popular it was. Well, this drama follows the story of Yoo Si-Jin, the captain of the South Korean Special Forces Unit, and Kang Mo-Yeon, a doctor he happens to meet in the hospital.

Given their professions, it is difficult for them to maintain a relationship as it even sometimes goes against each other’s morals. Where Si-Jin’s job involves killing people, Mo-Yeon’s job is to save them without any biases. Aside from this dilemma, the couple faces many other obstacles that constantly put a strain on their relationship.

This drama is definitely a rollercoaster of the best sort and we suggest that you keep the tissue box close by because you will need it!

Doom At Your Service

What would you do if Doom comes knocking on your door and walks in? That’s a silly question! It’s not like Doom is an entity, right? In this drama, that is exactly what Doom is. He is a person that doesn’t need to do much, besides existing, to cause destruction and misery around him.

Oh, and he has a name too, Myul Mang. Tak Dong-Kyung, the female lead, is a miserable girl, who feels like she has been in a constant state of bad luck ever since her parents passed away.

Things start to change once she meets Myul Mang, who offers to fulfill her drunken wish of wanting the world to come to an end. The drama is a wholesome and very emotionally-moving show that requires a tissue box at your side once you start watching.


Politics and power don’t necessarily go hand in hand and this combination often proves dangerous. Unfortunately, a group of friends gets to learn this lesson a little too late. Fast forward a couple of years and through a strange series of events, a hidden night courier, Healer, meets a tabloid news reporter, Chae Young-Shin. As it turns out, the two of them are connected to each other and the group of friends that suffered at the hands of power in the past.

The story gets complicated and the love story gets more wholesome by the minute. This drama is one of the older dramas and makes for a great binge-watch session! With a bit of mystery added to it, we’re sure it’ll have you on the edge of your seats. Not to mention, the main leads are some of the best Korean actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

To End Things Off

As we mentioned before, K-dramas have not yet made their TV debut, at least in the U.S. It’s very clear though, that it isn’t long before they do. You can, however, install a VPN app and then stream them on a Korean channel like MBC Global Media or others.

So, while you are waiting for K-dramas to make their debut, it doesn’t hurt to check out some of the wonderful TV packages, like Xfinity TV Packages, to see the multitude of options they have for their viewers.

With that, we bring this article to a close so that you can go and enjoy all these K-dramas one by one or all at once! And if you fall in love with K-dramas after these ones, then you’re welcome!

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