6 Effective and Helpful Tips on Traveling with Young Kids:

6 Effective and Helpful Tips on Traveling with Young Kids

We all love to travel and enjoy travelling. However, travelling with kids is always intimidating. It’s full of potential anxieties and challenges, from what to bring to how to get there, from their nap to their meal time. Flying and travelling can worsen with toddlers due to the crowded waiting areas and constricted seats in an aeroplane. Many parents also counter the boisterousness of small kids through airport security. Children could be extremely bothered even during flights due to problems like ear-popping during flights and feeling hungry almost all the time. For the convenience of parents, any elder sibling, or a family member travelling with toddlers and young kids, we have brought some effective tips that can help you cope with the nuisance and difficulty of travelling with young kids.

 1: Avoid Late Night Departure:

The first and foremost rule and a tip that one should follow whilst travel with kids are to avoid and avert late-night departure and take early departures to maintain tranquillity and serenity with kids. If you want to avoid the undesired commotion and whining of your kids (usually due to their restlessness of flight and disturbance in sleep), always opt for early takeovers. One must also avoid flights with long layovers when travelling with children.

2: Plan and List down the Items to be packed:

An effective tip to follow when travelling with young kids is to form a list as a checklist to help you pack for your flight.

  • Bring ad pack more than one pacifier, so you can have an extra in case it happens to get dropped on the floor or thrown down the aisle.
  • Pack hand sanitiser, diapers and wipes and pack an extra pair of clothes in your baby bag.
  • Bring polythene garbage bags.
  • Always bring tablets and smartphones preloaded with your kids’ preferred cartoon shows or videos.
  • Always bring art materials like white paper, a pack of colour pencils and crayons.
  • Bring Low-sugar snacks, including granola bars, crackers, nuts and granola bars
  • And always bring separate water bottles.

3: Avoid Overpacking:

A useful tip for travelling with young kids is to avoid overpacking. Every item that parents typically bring for their Kids to utilize at home. You might trust that carrying familiar goods will keep consistency in your habits and ensure you have all you need. Always remember that you cannot pack everything from all kinds of snacks to toys when travelling. Moreover, it would help if you weren’t carrying tons of luggage as it will only cost you extra weight charges. Instead, take as little baggage as you can. And if you feel and find that you are missing something, you can also buy that on your way, e.g. snacks, but do not burden your luggage with extra items.

4: Choose between Vacation Rental and Hotel:

Another helpful tip on travelling with young kids also includes making a wise decision regarding choosing a hotel stay or a vacation rental stay. This choice also majorly depends on the number of days or hours you are spending in a place, and it’s much more convenient to opt for a hotel room stay when your stay is limited and short. While hotels offer benefits like meals and room service, and some also offer to babysit, vacation rentals allow you to make the place your own, from doing laundry to even cooking your meals which can be greatly advantageous if your child has a special diet. You can utilise discounts on retreats and vacation rentals by using Mercury Holidays discount codes available on various discount-providing websites.

5: Check the Airport Time Online:

One of the major and basic problems parents and adults are made to go through when traveling with children is the long hours waiting in a queue at the airport. To help yourself avoid this nuisance, one thing you can do to reduce or minimise the waiting time is to consider making check-in online. So that you are only left with going through security; in this way, you can avoid waiting in queues for hours for check-in if you are smartly cutting down the check-in time to avoid the commotion that children can bring up because you are making them wait. Before going through the security check, you can utilise this extra time in the play area. Playing in a play area can elevate the mood of your children and distract them from the onset of travelling anxiety; it also helps make them feel exhausted so that they can have less energy left and can spend most of their time on the flight sleeping.

6: Carry Basic and Essential Medicines:

A basic and effective tip on travelling with toddlers is the preparation for emergencies like sudden injuries, headaches and stomach pain that is not just a nuisance for young kids. Still, adults also frequently go through these problems when travelling. You want to be prepared in case whatever happens. Always carry medicinal items like:

  • Medicines for headaches
  • Medication for indigestion
  • Medication for allergies
  • Medicine to prevent motion sickness


Flying with children is undoubtedly troublesome and not less than a nuisance and can be fretful for both children and parents. One can avoid chaotic circumstances by planning everything beforehand or considering making a checklist if needed.

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