Why do You Need Property Valuation in Dubai

Why do You Need Property Valuation in Dubai

Property valuation is the assessment of the worth of your property depending on location, conditions, and other multiple factors. Then we write an obvious composition about property valuation in Dubai ranging between numerous factors. In this article, we’ve discussed why Dubai is incredible, its foreigner attraction, success rate, and other things that affect property valuation in Dubai.

Main documents needed for all valuation requests

  • A real estate valuation request form.
  • A letter from the proprietor and a copy of their valid passport Emirates ID Card.
  • A copy of the municipality chart( one time) or the planning chart.

Why do you need a property valuation?

There are several reasons why you might need a property valuation. In case, you may need one too

– Attain a mortgage

– Sell your property

– Buy a property

– Refinance your property

– Arrange insurance

– Value property for probate

– Value property for duty purposes

– Value property for rental purposes

commercial valuations in Dubai


This ‘ Emirates Book ’ is grounded upon the International Valuation norms( IVS). The leader in the industry is The International Valuations norms Council( IVSC). The international community recognized this council as the global standard setter, responsible for developing guidelines for valuations to ensure quality assurance and to apply a high position of standardization of valuations across the globe, strengthening the valuation profession.

 The ‘ Emirates Book ’ has three distinct sections

  1. The general frame of real estate appraisal

This section presents the general bases for valuers who follow this book regarding neutrality, judgment, governance, and passable exceptions to the International Valuation norms.

  1. The general norms for Emirates Book valuation norms,

These look into the norms of real estate appraisal tasks, including valuation contract terms, value determination bases, ways, valuation approaches, and preparing reports.

  1. Other norms in the Emirates Book valuation norms

This part of the book looks at other norms related to real estate, power, and controlling interests. This section also discusses conceptions related to native laws, similar to freehold, leasehold,non-freehold, and real estate development conceptions.

 Why Dubai is good for property investment?

With a vibrant culture, investor-friendly regulation, and a stable, secure terrain, the UAE is truly an ideal destination for investment percent foreign ownership in 122 profitable conditioning across 13 sectors. 100 percent profit extradition.

An effective visa system allowing for renewable 10- time hearthstone visas. Competitive backing costs, high situations of liquidity, and a strong banking system.

  1. Market Approach

The Market Approach follows the principle that the value of one property can be deduced by directly comparing it with market deals of alike properties in the request. It’s enough straightforward. In a largely transacted request and area, this approach can be veritably useful as there’s a plenitude of recent similar evidence. However, odds are the request is on the way to bursting a bubble in the area, If the market is buying properties drastically above their valuations.

A property that has the market buzzing and is located in a popular area will naturally have an advanced value than a quite unknown property in the outskirts of the megacity. also, if let’s say a 1- bedroom in Dubai Marina, which is a popular area and a largely transacted market, has an average sale price between AED 1 to 1.2 million, the valuation will come into that range.

  1. Income Approach

The Income Approach is a bit more complicated in that the property’s value is concluded from the income the property can give the investor.

There are two ways to use this approach the investment system and the gains system (which are considered 2 distinct ways for a property valuation).

  1. Investment system

In the investment system, the value is concluded from the net rental income the property can induce and a capitalization factor grounded on the anticipated periodic rate of return. A property that’s suitable to charge advanced rent, while having below request-average service charge costs, will have an advanced valuation.

  1. Discounted Cash Flow method

Another form of the investment system is the discounted cash inflow (DCF) approach. The crucial factors that impact a DCF valuation are rent, rental growth rate, reduction rate, costs, and the disposable price at the end of the investment period.

  1. Profit system

The profit system, which is more common for marketable real estate, is used when the property’s value is concluded by the trading eventuality of the business for which the property is meant – this could be a cinema extension in a mall or a golf course in a country club.

  1. Cost Approach

Now that’s a bit more niche in its compass. It’s used to value real estate that doesn’t generally sell on the open market, and where similar evidence doesn’t live, similar to public structures and places of deification. In some authorities, this can be used to value proposed or freshly built properties.

Unlike other approaches, which calculate similar parcels and the property’s capability to induce profit, this approach is grounded on the supposition that the cost of a property should be equal to the cost of building an analogous property from scrape. This includes the value of the underlying land and the value of point advancements constructions, minus the deprecation costs of the enhancements. Public government structures aren’t transacted on the demand and places of worshipping don’t get rented out to tenants. That’s why the cost approach can come in handy for valuators.


As you read our article, we’ve discussed all criteria for property valuation in Dubai including all requirements, Dubai law about valuation, and manageable methods and approaches. Hope you have answers to all the queries regarding property valuation

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