The importance of the kitchen for the sale of a property

The importance of the kitchen for the sale of a property

The kitchen is an important room, especially during these periods when Pakistanis are more often at home and cook more. It can trigger the crush of future buyers; it is a piece not to be neglected. Nova City, Islamabad

The kitchen: an asset for the sale

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in the house. The future buyer will be able to plan more easily if the kitchen is equipped and up-to-date. He can imagine himself at the table with his family or cooking in the house. In addition, the presence of an equipped kitchen reassures the future buyer because redeveloping a kitchen has a cost that weighs on the budget, which is already substantial. It is therefore important for the seller to freshen up his kitchen if he needs it.

How do you freshen up your kitchen?

To give a boost to your kitchen, there are simple and inexpensive ways.

It is possible to repaint the earthenware or stick stickers to modernize your kitchen at a lower cost. You can also opt to cover the old tiles with aluminum plates. Often, the paint in kitchens wears out over time; repainting the kitchen walls will give them more brightness. Regarding the floor, a beautiful tile or parquet is ideal, or even concrete. Linoleum should be avoided, as it is not waterproof.

Remodeling your kitchen?

If your budget allows it, there is nothing better than a beautiful modern kitchen to add style to your property. You can choose the kitchen from a kitchen designer who will help you find a balance between modernity and functionality. The future buyer will see a beautiful and good-quality kitchen, which he will associate with a quality property.

What is a kitchen in-law?

Most of the time, the elements that make up the kitchen and the appliances are considered furniture because they can be easily removed, even if a few holes have to be filled. The owner can therefore decide to keep these elements or leave them during the transaction.

On the other hand, the integrated kitchen, made to measure and sealed to the wall, is considered a building by destination. That is to say, it is attached to the property, and it is difficult to remove it without damaging the property. It is considered to be an integral part of the property and will therefore be sold with the property.

Does the kitchen reduce notary fees?

Notary fees are calculated based on the real estate value of the property and not on the movable property. Thus, the purchaser will be able to benefit from a reduction in notary fees by providing a list of movable properties that are included in the sale price as well as their residual value.

A nice kitchen therefore facilitates the sale of the property and reduces notary fees and the cost of the property. This is an essential asset for the sale!

In the event of a dispute between a real estate agent and his client, there are several ways to settle it. First of all, the dispute can be resolved directly between the real estate agent and his client. But if they do not find a solution that can suit both parties, then before going to court and entering into a long and costly procedure, the client can go to a mediator.

What is the role of the mediator?

The real estate mediator has been mandatory since January 1, 2016.

The real estate mediator can be a natural or legal person who helps to settle a dispute between the real estate professional and his consumer client.

The mediator is competent in the event of a dispute concerning both the real estate transaction and the rental management.

Mediators must be on a list notified to the European Commission and are appointed for three years. They can be self-employed or salaried.

The real estate agent must inform his client of the existence of a mediator. He must also provide him with the contact details of the mediator as well as the procedures for an appeal.

The recourse is free for the customer, except if he requests expertise; the cost of this expertise may be charged to him. The cost of mediation is exclusively borne by the real estate agent.

Which disputes are involved in mediation?

Disputes must be in the area of real estate transactions or rental management. There must be a contract between the two parties for this dispute to concern mediation, such as a sale or rental mandate. Disputes without a contract cannot therefore benefit from the mediation procedure.

When can the mediator intervene?

The mediator intervenes once the amicable settlement between the real estate agent and his client has failed and before the seizure of the judge. The customer must therefore make a written complaint to the real estate agent before being able to seize the mediator. The customer then has one year fromthe date of this written complaint to seize the mediator.

The mediator can be seized by the client or the real estate agent by a simple letter or by e-mail. The parties may be represented by a lawyer or be assisted by a third party.

What is the process of mediation?

The mediation procedure can only take place electronically.

It is up to the party that seizes the mediator to provide all the elements concerning the dispute. The mediator then has a period of 3 weeks to say whether he is taking up the case or whether he is not competent for this dispute.

The mediator, if he takes up the case, then has a period of 90 days from the date of notification of the referral to settle the mediation and propose a solution to the dispute to the client and the real estate agent.

The 90-day period may be increased if the mediator deems it necessary due to the complexity of the file.

The mediator proposes a solution; the client and the real estate agent can accept it or refuse it.

At any time during the mediation procedure, the parties can end the mediation by reaching an agreement or by seizing the judge.

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