10 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are a Good Team-Building Activity

10 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are a Good Team-Building Activity

Your employees need to work together with each other to make the most of their time and abilities. A fragmented workplace is of no good, where all your employees work as individual units instead of working together as one cohesive unit. There are several unique and exciting corporate team-building activities for you to choose from to break the ice in the workplace.

Most corporate team-building exercises take place under the sun’s scorching heat or involve a question-answer session. Instead, playing an escape game at the Room Esc or an escape room near you will be an offbeat and exciting experience for your employees.

But, if you have doubts about whether or not playing an escape room game will be an effective team-building activity, continue reading to find answers to your question:

1.   Escape games bring out the strengths and weaknesses of players

10 Reasons Why Escape Rooms Are a Good Team-Building Activity

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Escape room games, virtual or not, are all about challenges and riddles. Mystery rooms trigger players to voluntarily showcase their strengths and weaknesses before the rest of the team.

You may discover that one of your teammates is good at making decisions under pressure, or someone else is good at solving tricky riddles! Hence, by playing these games, you never know what will be revealed about your quiet and nerdy colleague! In this way, your employees can learn a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues, which will help them to work together efficiently.

2.   Push your employees to work devotedly!

2.	Push your employees to work devotedly!

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A company cannot succeed if its employees are not motivated to work. When the workplace creates a dull and depressive atmosphere, your employees may feel a consequent lack of motivation to work. At such a juncture, playing an escape game is the perfect solution!

In a typical escape room game, the challenges are sufficient to push them toward working them out. The thrill of playing the escape rooms motivates players to push their boundaries and work hard to achieve victory. Hence, by taking your employees to play an escape room game, you can encourage them to work efficiently with renewed motivation in the workplace!

3.   Enhance collaboration in the workplace.

When co-workers build a strong relationship, they can work much better at the office too! Playing an escape room game together is probably the most efficient way of enhancing collaboration among your employees.

Escape rooms build up an effective communication stream, helping your employees manage conflicts more effectively at work. Thus, you can enhance employees’ collaborative working potential by making them indulge in escape room games.

4.   Enhances time management skills

4.	Enhances time management skills

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Time management is probably one of the essential skills you need in every walk of life, from the workplace to your life. The mystery room games provide players with a time limit to solve the game. Thus, it becomes necessary that players divide their time inside the game room judiciously.

As your employees learn to manage their allotted time in the game room judiciously, it would benefit them in learning how they can meet deadlines at work too! By gathering the vitality of time management through escape games, your employees can make the most of their time while theyworkingthe office.

5.   An affordable alternative to any other

In contrast to any other team-building activity, escape rooms are surprisingly pocket-friendly since you only need to pay for the training! Instead, if you opt for the former, you will have to pay for food, lodging, and the team-building activity itself.

Owing to its massive popularity, you can now come across several unique and authentic escape room games in almost every corner of the world. You no longer need to book hotels and other amenities for your team. Organizing an escape room team-building activity is your guaranteed budget-friendly path to bring your employees close to each other!

6.   Improves problem-solving abilities and creativity

6.	Improves problem-solving abilities and creativity

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The notion of problem-solving is the core of any escape room game. Players must solve various puzzles and riddles in these games to achieve victory. The escape rooms expose players to life-like situations and trigger their brains to think creatively.

Furthermore, the time constraints of the game tend to create added pressure in the players’ minds. It helps in enhancing their overall creativity and supports their innovation and problem-solving abilities. Players start to think collaboratively about the different puzzles ahead of them, to solve them before it’s too late.

7.   You have an array of themes to choose from!

Different escape rooms are built on various themes. From horror-themed escape games to mystery-themed or fantasy-themed ones, there is an entire array of escape room themes you can choose to play. Based on the shared interests of your team of employees, you can now pick the perfect piece for their escape room activity.

For co-workers inclined to science, you can choose a science-themed game. On the other hand, for horror lovers, a spooky escape room game is the ideal choice! Thus, you can pick the right kind of theme for your team to make the experience fun, exciting and memorable for them.

8.   It brings out the natural leader

8.	It brings out the natural leader

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Your team needs to cover the different areas of the escape room in time to hunt for vital clues and riddles. Hence, you will need a team leader to guide the rest of the team throughout the experience. The leader may divide the group into smaller segments and assign them separate tasks.

This way, teams can cover the entire escape room within narrow time constraints. Given that not all groups are perfectly functional, someone in your team will automatically step up to lead the team to victory! Hence, it will reveal the member who has innate leadership qualities.

9.   Enhances decision-making qualities

Team leaders thrive on their ability to make quick and efficient decisions. You will often face situations when you need to make quick and effective decisions at the workplace and in the escape rooms. Your team will tend to fall back on someone with the confidence to make tough decisions spontaneously.

Given that it is impossible to practice decision-making abilities elsewhere, an escape room game can be the perfect method! Escape rooms offer a real-life setup where players must act quickly and make the right decisions, affecting the entire team. Hence, visiting escapades is the perfect way to enhance the decision-making abilities of your employees.

10. Create beautiful memories together!

10.	Create beautiful memories together!

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Did you realize that making great memories as a team can also help your employees work together efficiently? Creating beautiful memories with their co-workers will help your employees strengthen their shared bond and improve their team morale.

Often, you will find your employees recollecting the memories they have shared, and in the process, they will grow closer to one another. Playing an escape room game will offer your team of employees the perfect place to create memories that they will cherish for a long time.

Now you know how efficiently escape room games can help your team to come together and work cohesively. So, book an escape room team-building activity for your employees to enjoy playing together without further ado.

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