Top 7 Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Top 7 Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android

Multiple Mobile App Testing business owners are in a perpetual battle for a lucrative business, demanding more customer attention. As a result, numerous business owners (like you) launch a unique and engaging app, as it’s today’s biggest bandwagon that creates brand awareness.

In other words, the mobile application is one of the most direct and effective mediums for delivering information in a customizable manner. Consequently, in 2020, there were 218 billion application downloads, as per Statista.

You know that your app’s success is in customers’ hands, as they can make or break your business. Thus, if you want your mobile application to walk on the path of future success, customer satisfaction is a crucial factor.

For that matter, you (as a business owner) must focus on security checks, error-free apps, better performance, etc. Moreover, users don’t want to be played with their confidential information. Using the best mobile app testing tools is not surprising because we are already used to automated technologies. Right?

However, many business owners are not aware of the top mobile app testing tools for iOS and Android. But it will no longer be a concern as I have handpicked the best mobile app testing tools for iOS and Android 2022.

But before moving further, let me quickly give you a glimpse of the importance of mobile app testing. So, without any further delay, let’s dive right into the blog.

Why Is It Crucial for Businesses to Test Mobile Apps Before Launch?

Mobile app testing is crucial because it makes sure that the app is running smoothly across multiple platforms to deliver a flawless user experience. The app testing identifies the bugs before launching the actual application and resolves them immediately.

The sole purpose of app testing is to ensure high-performing software operations will not intrude on the user experience. You can even contact a well-versed mobile app testing agency, where experts perform the testing activity using top mobile app testing tools.

In short, mobile app testing ensures proper functioning, increases customer loyalty, meets quality benchmarks, has good UI/UX, and focuses on customer satisfaction.

7 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for iOS and Android in 2022

  • TestComplete

One of the best mobile app testing tools is TestComplete. It is a UI automation tool developed by SmartBear software that lets you create, maintain, and execute various test scripts for mobile applications.

TestComplete enhances the test coverage and focuses on delivering high-quality software. The tests are recorded (or created) using keyword-driven operations that perform automatic playback and error logging.

Features of TestComplete

  • Creates keyword-driven operations smoothly
  • Provides real-time information on a mobile application’s status using a single interface.
  • Object recognition engine with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Automated test reporting and analysis
  • Appium

Here comes another open-source automation testing tool developed by Sauce Labs: Appium. It is a one-stop-shop for all (irrespective of the application type you are building) and automates mobile applications smoothly.

This automated mobile app testing tool uses several programming languages, like Java, Ruby, C#, and more. Also, it uses the WebDriver interface for running different tests.

Features of Appium

  • Easy to setup on multiple platforms
  • Allows parallel execution of test scripts
  • Appium has multi-platform support.
  • Integrates with several frameworks and tools.
  • Experitest

The one name you’ll commonly see while searching for the top mobile app testing tools is Experitest. It is again an open-source app testing tool that constantly tests extensive mobile applications.

Experitest is a leading testing tool because it offers qualitative tools for mobile DevOps (adding manual testing, performance testing, load testing, and more). Other than this, Experitest runs a demo test using user configuration for seamless testing.

Features of an Experiment

  • It offers a comprehensive set of the latest features.
  • Allows real-time interaction and live debugging.
  • Integrates with CI/CD tools and workflow
  • Accelerates mobile testing cycles

Another effective automated testing solution for cross-platform testing is ZAPTEST. It lets you test graphical user interface (GUI)-based software on the latest operating systems. The brownie point of ZAPTEST is that it is a free testing tool that works at your convenience with zero time constraints.

Consequently, ZAPTEST is the final solution for software testing and robotic process automation (RPA) that conducts high-performing testing.

Features of ZAPTEST

  • Cross-platform execution
  • Auto-documentation
  • Functional and performance test automation
  • Flexible response to any change in the application
  • Kobiton

If you want to earn customer loyalty, use Kobiton. Why? Because it gives users complete control during manual testing and facilitates the testing process effortlessly.

Kobiton is a feature-packed testing tool with multi-touch displays, GPS stimulations, a camera, speaker control, and more. It has an automated activity log that captures all the functions of the testing session to resolve the error instantly.

Features of Kobiton

  • Support for Appium 1.6.4
  • Simplified user experience for streamlining the test sessions
  • Centralized testing logs for enhanced collaboration
  • Use the latest and most cloud-based devices.
  • Perfecto

Perfecto is another automated app testing tool that focuses on offering outstanding digital experiences. It is a cloud-based mobile app testing software that works across all the major industry types (like retail, banking, finance, entertainment, and more).

Perfecto accesses the cloud from anywhere (and anytime) in the world and conducts end-to-end testing effortlessly. It has unlimited test automation scalability and is secure and enterprise-grade.

Features of Perfecto

  • Unparalleled coverage across multiple platforms
  • Robust integrations with test frameworks
  • Presence of smart analytics
  • Unified cloud platform
  • Katalon

Katalon is the last (but not least) mobile app testing tool developed on top of Appium and Selenium. It provides a codeless testing experience and has a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

Katalon combines only the required frameworks in order to execute and create fast test cases. Moreover, it has an intuitive analytics dashboard and reports.

Features of Katalon

  • Effortless test creation and easy setup
  • Flexible test reusability
  • Reduces maintenance efforts
  • Offers insightful test reports.


So, these were the top mobile app testing tools for iOS and Android used by professionals before launching the app. I hope you have learned something from here and have made the correct choice.

There are indeed numerous mobile app testing tools for iOS and Android 2022, and it depends upon your business needs, goals, and budget.

So, make a wise decision. All the best!

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