Why Choose CEED for NIFT Situation Test?

Why Choose CEED for NIFT Situation Test?

Every youth should prioritize their career. Following high school, a student must choose a career path where they must develop their features and grow in life. It’s all about reaching the ultimate goal to achieve prosperity and lead happy lives. Students thus select their stream based on their interests.

For students, there are numerous possibilities nowadays to develop their skills. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is a rapidly expanding and well-liked option among young people. Are you also interested in the NIFT Situation Test? So here is everything you need to know about it.

About NIFT Situation Test

The NIFT Situation Test is a three-tier test. The three components of the NIFT admission exam involve- The Creative Ability Test, General Ability Test, and Situation Test. The NIFT Situation Test is the last part of the application process for the Bachelor of Design Program.

What is the Main Objective of NIFT?

The main objective of the NIFT situation test is to assess a candidate’s aptitude for handling challenging circumstances and coming up with creative solutions. It comes at the end of the admissions procedure. Simply put, it is more than a basic art and craft evaluation.

The main objective of the test is to determine whether the applicants can handle the tools of their trade. Therefore, this is important for performing well for the NIFT Results 2023 scenario test as it will enable them to advance their abilities and knowledge.

What is Included in the NIFT Situation Test?

Every student must have a thorough understanding of the NIFT exam pattern before starting their study. The test will be 2 hours long and worth 100 points. A scenario test evaluates a candidate’s resource management and creative problem-solving skills in a particular environment. The test will be 3 hours long and worth 100 points.

The students should thoroughly study the NIFT Admission test pattern to comprehend its distinct components before showing up for the NIFT Situation Test. Additionally, they should be aware that the test will last for 2 hours.

NIFT Situation Test Eligibility

The National Institute of Fashion and Technology conducts the NIFT entrance exam for enrollment in its many design programs. It is both for undergraduates as well as postgraduate students.

The NIFT Situation Test is held every year to provide students in various design programs with admission. Candidates who have already aced the written test are eligible to take it. The students who are eligible can pursue their career in Bachelor of Design, B. Des Fashion Design, Design, Accessory Design, art, Fashion, etc.

How to Avail of the NIFT Situation Test?

Candidates who are seeking NIFT Admission 2023 must follow the given procedures:

  • Step 1Firstly, candidates must have a laptop and a mobile phone. To give the exam candidates must use the Google Chrome browser.
  • Step 2 The candidate must use either their admission card or roll number to log onto the exam system prior to the exam start.
  • Step 3Then, the candidates must choose the paper and follow the instructions on the laptop to finish the camera verification. Make sure to provide proper information.

NoteBesides, also make sure the exam location is quiet and well-lit. If there are any problems, the online invigilator can step in right away and stop the exam. Furthermore, also ensure there are no breaks during the exam as well.

What is CEED?

CEED is a Common Entrance Examination for Design. It is conducted to get admission to IITs and IISc for their design courses. Besides, UCEED Admission is an undergraduate course conducted to get admission to UG B. design for IIT, IIITD, and many other private colleges.

What is Included in the CEED Examination?

Conducted by IIT, Bombay, the CEED Examination is categorized into 2 sections-A and B having the same points of 100 each. However, Section A will have 41 questions, while Section B will have 5 questions. Section A is computer-based and B is paper-based.

Only candidates who will pass the screening test of part A will be evaluated for part B. However, when it comes to UCEED Admission 2023 students often get confused. So understand that the UCEED examination is open for national, Indian as well as Foreign. While the CEED examination enrolls into an M.Des course.

What is the Eligibility Requirement for CEED?

To sit for the CEED test, the candidate must meet certain requirements. These requirements include the age restriction, the minimal qualification, the marks in the qualifying exam, etc. So to get CEED Admission 2023 here are the eligibility criteria requirements:

  • Candidates who have completed a 3-year degree after the 10+2 level or will appear in the final examination of 3 a year degree can apply.
  • Candidates must pass their qualifying test upon applying, or they must complete the GD Arts diploma program (10+5 level).
  • For the CEED examination, there is no age limit.
  • Also, there are no limitations on the number of times to apply for CEEDS.

How to Apply for the CEED Examination?

To apply for the CEED examination, here are the procedures to follow:

  • First, visit the official website and register.
  • Fill out the CEED application form carefully.
  • Provide all the necessary information both personal and educational details. Make sure to avoid mistakes.
  • Now upload every document as mentioned on the form.
  • Go through every piece of information you’ve provided. Now make the payment and submit the registration form.
  • Once you’re done, now download the form and keep a printout of it for future evidence.

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