How To Leverage Product Photography To Boost E-commerce Sales?

How To Leverage Product Photography To Boost E-commerce Sales?

The potential for online shopping has been steadily growing for the last decade. But, the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has shown a major surge in the revenue, traffic and customer conversions on online e-commerce websites. As a result, most businesses have ramped up their marketing campaigns by introducing improvements, different techniques and approaches to improve their websites.

However, many companies still haven’t realized the true potential of product photography and how it can be leveraged to increase e-commerce scalability and sales. Thus, we have created a comprehensive guide on how your e-commerce business can utilize the power of product photography for expanding the customer base and increasing revenue.

What is product photography?

Product photography is a type of commercial photography aimed at presenting a product in the most accurate and appealing way. The characteristics of great product photography include sharp camera focus, high-resolution images, helpful camera angles, professional editing, and correct lighting. Needless to say, great product photography can help in attracting the most number of consumers.

Having said that, let’s discuss some tried and tested methods to leverage product photography.

Methods to leverage product photography for increasing e-commerce sales

Product photography can boost eCommerce sales to give your revenue the much needed upward graph. Let’s see how to optimize it to leverage it best.

Use high-quality images

It’s recommended that you shouldn’t go thrifty on obtaining great product photos. High-quality images are extremely pivotal when it comes to online stores, otherwise, the customers won’t be enticed to check-out the same, even if they have put these products in their carts.

Hence, you should always aim for quality product photography and deploy the best photos for your online store. Hiring a professional can come in handy here.

Maintain consistency in photo angles

When it comes to leveraging the maximum out-of-product photography for enhancing e-commerce sales, consistency is key. So, when you’re displaying your products online, remember to choose a default photo angle that you will be using for all of your products.

Customers enjoy browsing through products when they see identical photo angles for all the products, since it becomes smooth and easy to compare one with the other. Having said that, don’t forget to maintain professionalism in each of the product photos.

Provide multiple viewpoints of the products

While you should always maintain consistency in photo angles, make sure to not hold back when it comes to showcasing multiple viewpoints of products.

Since customers cannot touch and feel your product like in an online store, it’s recommended that you take multiple product photos at different angles while also adding the zoom functionality. Your aim should be to provide your customers with a chance to see the products in the best possible manner.

Showcase products photos during usage

Showcasing products in usage allows your customers to create an emotional attachment with your products. As a result, your customers get a real-life vibe before they purchase so that they can learn or know how the products will enrich or suit their lifestyles.

For instance, the Swedish furniture company IKEA promotes its products in well-furnished rooms. Hence, their product photos attract customers and give them a sense of belief as to how IKEA products can change their lifestyles.

Effectively use props

Even though product photos should always be shot with white backgrounds, you should maintain a certain context for the products in question. Hence, adding props to your product photography can help in building a story and dimension for the image and the product as well.

For instance, if you’re showcasing a dress as a product, then instead of photo-shooting the dress without any props, you can add a necklace, a cup of tea, flower vase, or a lamp beside it. Such a photograph will look much more enchanting to the customer and will add a different story to the shot.


Stepping up your product photography game on an effective medium like e-commerce can  be highly beneficial. There’s so much you can do to produce high-quality product photography, and we hope that our recommendations prove to be insightful to you. For great AI based photography, that will also be pocket friendly, connect with us at Flixstudio, and give your product portfolio the overhaul it needs.

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